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How to sell model 240 red brick

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How to sell model 240 red brick

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Model 240 red brick

Technical properties of sintered ordinary brick

(1) Basic physical properties The standard lay size of sintered ordinary bricks is 240 * 115 * 53 mm. With the addition of 10 mm masonry gray joints, 4 bricks are long or 8 bricks wide and 16 bricks are 1 meter thick. One cubic meter of masonry requires 512 bricks.

(2) Appearance quality The appearance quality of the brick mainly requires six contents including the difference in height between the two sides, the curvature, the protruding height of the impurities, the size of the missing corner, the crack length and the complete surface.

(3) Weathering resistance Weathering resistance refers to the ability of the brick to resist damage under the comprehensive conditions of wind, rain, and freeze-thaw. Sintered products with small opening porosity and low water saturation coefficient have strong weathering resistance.

(4) Frost frost and lime burst Frost frost is a kind of salt precipitation phenomenon in the use of bricks. After the excessive soluble salt in the brick is dissolved by moisture absorption, it will migrate to the surface of the brick as the water evaporates, and will crystallize out under supersaturation, making the surface of the brick appear white attachments, or swell, causing the brick surface and the mortar plastering layer to peel. For premium bricks, frosting is not allowed, and qualified bricks must not be severely frosted. Lime burst refers to the phenomenon that the brick body is mixed with lime lumps and swells due to moisture absorption and rupture. For top quality bricks, burst areas with a maximum damage size greater than 2 mm are not allowed; for quality bricks, burst areas with a damage size greater than 15 mm are not allowed.

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