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Model 230 red brick effect

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Model 230 red brick effect

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Sintered Dalian Brick Red Brick

The sintered Dalian brick is a high-quality shale sintered brick (commonly known as Dalian brick in the country and Milan brick in the international market, used for pavement and wall surface. The product uses shale and aluminosilicate as raw materials, according to its characteristics without adding any colorants It is formed by extrusion molding and high temperature sintering. The main colors are: red, pink, brown, ivory yellow, orange yellow, gray, cyan and black. Its natural color, pressure resistance and corrosion resistance, classic fashion, simple and beautiful features lead the international landscape trend, The product is applied to characteristic landscape pavement, pedestrian street, real estate landscape (pavement pavement of Vanke Garden uses a large number of sintered Dalian bricks), squares and wall decoration, which can fully improve the quality and grade of buildings and places.

Sintered bricks are favored by domestic and foreign users, designers and experts for their cultural, value-added, environmental protection, durability, and comfort characteristics. They are currently the most ideal and classic decorative tiles.

Red and blue bricks

In the production of bricks, the bricks are generally burned inside and out with a large fire, and then quenched to allow the kiln and bricks to cool naturally. At this time, the air in the kiln circulates and oxygen is sufficient to form a good oxidizing atmosphere, so that the iron element in the brick is oxidized to iron oxide. Since ferric oxide is red, it will also be red. If after the bricks are burned through, water is continuously poured into the kiln. At this time, due to the high temperature in the kiln, the water quickly turns into water vapor, which will prevent the circulation of air and create an oxygen-deficient environment in the kiln. The ferrous oxide in it is reduced to ferrous oxide and exists in the brick. Because the ferrous oxide is turquoise, the brick will be turquoise.

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