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Model 240 red brick corner

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Model 240 red brick corner

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Sintered ordinary bricks made of clay as the main raw material, after batching, making, drying, and firing are referred to as clay bricks (symbol N). There are two types of red bricks and green bricks. When firing in a brick kiln is an oxidizing atmosphere, red bricks are produced. If the brick is sintered in an oxidizing atmosphere, and then the kiln is sintered in a reducing atmosphere, the red high-priced iron oxide in the brick is reduced to a cyan-grey low-priced iron oxide to obtain a green brick. Green brick is stronger than red brick, has good alkali resistance and strong durability. But the price is more expensive than the red brick.

According to different firing methods, sintered clay bricks can be divided into internal combustion bricks and external combustion bricks. Internal combustion bricks are made by mixing flammable industrial waste such as coal slag and fly ash into the raw clay material. When the brick is fired in the kiln to a certain temperature, the fuel in the body is burned and the porcelain is formed into bricks. Internal combustion bricks save a lot of external investment coal than external combustion bricks, saving 5% to 10% of raw clay, increasing the strength by about 20%, reducing the apparent density of the bricks, and enhancing the sound insulation and insulation performance.

When the bricks are fired, the temperature should be properly controlled to avoid underfire and overfire bricks. Underfire bricks are light in color, dull in percussion sound, low in strength, high in water absorption, and poor in durability. Overfire bricks have dark colors, crisp sound when struck, high strength, and low water absorption, but they are often bent and deformed. Both underfire and overfire bricks are unqualified products.

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