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Model 240 blue brick

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Model 240 blue brick

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Blue brick

Green bricks are fired from clay. Clay is the product of long-term weathering of certain aluminosilicate minerals. The clay is mixed with water to make a brick blank, which is then calcined in a brick kiln (900 ° C-1100 ° C, and lasts 8-15 hours) to make bricks. Clay contains iron. When completely oxidized during the firing process, ferric oxide is red, which is the most commonly used red brick. If water is added to cool during the firing process, the iron in the clay is not completely oxidized (Fe3O4). Cyan, or blue brick.


The hardness of green bricks and red bricks is similar, but the cooling method is different after firing.

Red bricks are naturally cooled and simpler, so more red bricks are produced, and green bricks are water-cooled (actually an anoxic cooling), which is more troublesome to operate, so they are produced less. Although the strength and hardness are similar, the performance of blue bricks is significantly better than that of red bricks in terms of anti-oxidation, hydration, and atmospheric erosion. The firing time of green bricks is generally determined by the size of the kiln; small kilns (about 2 to 25,000 green bricks) usually drink water for 13 days (excluding drinking water); large kilns require about 25 days.

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