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Model 240 Blue Brick Corner

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Model 240 Blue Brick Corner

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Folding health and environmental protection

Extremely breathable, good water absorption, maintain air humidity, abrasion resistance, non-corrosive for thousands of years

The green brick is made of natural clay, and the fired product is blue-black, with high density, good frost resistance, no deformation, and no color change. Black and white gray green bricks are made of natural raw soil anaerobic firing, water is the spirit, fire is the rigid, the five elements are combined, the home is warm in winter and the summer is cool, and the health is environmentally friendly. Formaldehyde and other chemical gases that are not good for the human body, maintain the humidity of the indoor air, and integrate the characteristics of "breathability, water absorption, oxidation resistance, and air purification", and become one of the products highly recommended by designers. The surface of the product is smooth, the four corners are at right angles, the structure is perfect, and it is resistant to compression and abrasion. It is an ideal material for house wall and pavement decoration.

Folding creative ideas

Strong plasticity, perfect space expression, inherited essence, transcended tradition

Green bricks give people a sense of elegance, calmness, simplicity, and tranquility. Black and white gray green bricks launched a series of century-old green brick products, bas-relief, high-relief, and modern-style mechanism bricks. Mainly, exquisite patterns, allegorical meanings, novel design methods, blending with the essence of Chinese culture, can be tasted and collected, can be decorated and enjoyed, can carry the warmth and simplicity of life, not imported, not copied, it is the return of true civilization.

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