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Model 240 white brick

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Model 240 white brick

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Man-made small blocks for brick construction are divided into sintered bricks (mainly referred to as clay bricks) and non-sintered bricks (lime sand bricks, fly ash bricks, etc.), commonly known as bricks. Clay bricks are made from clay (including shale, coal gangue and other powders) as the main raw material, and processed by mud, shaped, dried and roasted. In the Spring and Autumn and Warring States Period, China successively created square and long bricks. The technology and production scale, quality, and fancy variety of brick making in the Qin and Han Dynasties have developed significantly.

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Brick is the most traditional masonry material. It has gradually developed from clay as the main raw material to the utilization of industrial wastes such as coal gangue and fly ash. At the same time, it has developed from solid to porous and hollow, and from sintering to non-sintering.

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1. According to material: clay brick, shale brick, coal gangue brick, fly ash brick, lime sand brick, concrete brick, etc.

2. According to the porosity rate: solid bricks (bricks with no holes or less than 25% of holes), porous bricks (porosity is equal to or greater than 25%, bricks with small holes and large numbers of holes, often used in load-bearing parts, the strength level is high.)

3. Hollow bricks (Blocks with a hole ratio equal to or greater than 40%, with large holes and small numbers of holes, are often used in non-load-bearing parts, and the strength level is low.)

4. According to the production process: sintered bricks (bricks made by firing), autoclaved bricks, and steam-cured bricks.

5. Divided into sintered or not: non-fired brick (cement brick) and sintered brick (red brick).

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