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In the decoration, do the retro red brick wall indoors, and also paint on the good surface?

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In the decoration, do the retro red brick wall indoors, and also paint on the good surface?

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Since this is the case, I suggest you buy the outdoor wall paint directly. As for whether the surface is too rough, if it is a small area, you can sand it with coarse sandpaper and then paint it again.

How much is a square of 24 red brick wall? Including mortar plastering, foundation is rubble foundation

The 24 wall is counted like this, there are 124 bricks for a square meter of 24 walls. The shipping cost for one brick here is 4 Mao 5,124 * 0.45 = 55.8 yuan, about 60 yuan per square meter, and the wall is wiped. The gray labor is about 5 yuan per square meter, the cement river sand is about 20 yuan, and the total cost of the above is about 140 yuan! The cost of the project is related to the work environment and workload. Fluctuate!

Can a hand drill drill a wall (red brick wall)?

1. It is better to use an impact drill or electric hammer to drill the wall. The hand drill can be used to hit red brick walls, but the hole drilling effect is not ideal, but it cannot be used to drill concrete or concrete walls. It is easy to scrap the drill bit and it is not laborious and flattering. 2. You can choose the combination of electric drill and electric hammer to drill red brick wall, so the work efficiency is relatively high and easier. 3. Drilling the wall mainly depends on the drill bit. The requirements for the drilling rig are not strict, but you can just drill and put small plugs. The drill should be alloyed, otherwise it will burn easily. You can also choose to buy an impact drill set. The impact drill inside has the function of a hand drill, but the function similar to an electric hammer is weak.

What to do with red brick wall as interior wall

If it is an artistic wall surface, it is recommended to use a professional jointing agent to sew and then apply varnish, so that the red brick and white brick seams are very artistic and beautiful. You can also use cement joints to directly brush the wall coating, but it must be strong. It feels very comfortable like a plaster wall.

What are the masonry methods for red brick buildings?

Use 240 × 120 × 60 standard brick side masonry, plastering thickness is 15 on each side, plus paint finish, almost 100 thick. During the construction of the house, the clay porous brick wall should meet the most basic masonry requirements such as fullness of mortar, horizontal and vertical, staggered up and down, and internal and external building, so as to ensure the strength and stability of the wall and Fixed.

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