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[Masonry method of brick wall]

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[Masonry method of brick wall]

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Process: Red Brick Corner

Mortar mixing → brick watering → brick wall

Mortar mixing: The mixing ratio of the mortar should adopt the weight ratio, the measurement accuracy of the cement is ± 2%, and the sand and mortar are controlled within ± 5%. Mechanical stirring should be used, and the stirring time should not be less than 1.5min.

Brick watering: Clay bricks must be watered and moistened one day before the masonry. Generally, it is advisable to immerse 1.5cm in the four sides of the brick with water, and the moisture content is 10% to 15%. Do not use dry bricks on the wall for normal temperature construction; The brick wall reaches the saturation state; it is difficult to water in winter and the mortar consistency must be appropriately increased.


1. Building method:

Masonry generally uses one-hundred-one ding (manding, full strip), plum dicing, or three-hundred and one-ding. Brick columns shall not be covered by the core-laying method, which is built around four weeks later.

2. Arrange brick bottom (dry pendulum brick):

In general, when the first layer of brick on the outer wall is at the bottom, two gables are lined with slabs, and the front and rear eaves are lined with bricks. According to the position line of the door and window opening, carefully check the size of the wall and stack between the windows, and check whether the length matches the modulus of the row of bricks. If it does not, you can move the position of the door and window to the left or right. If broken, Qiutou or Di bricks should be placed in the middle of the window, wall stacks or other inconspicuous parts. When moving the door and window position, pay attention to the installation of the heating sanitary riser and the door and window are not affected. In addition, when arranging bricks, it is also necessary to consider that the brick wall in the middle of the door window does not break when it is closed. Therefore, the bricks must be considered in a holistic manner. When the front and rear eaves walls are lined with the first skin brick, the bricks behind the window should be considered.

3. Selecting bricks:

Masonry walls should be bricks with neat edges and corners, no bends, cracks, uniform color, and consistent specifications. The sound is loud when knocked, and it will be discolored after firing. The deformed brick can be used on the foundation and the interior wall that does not affect the appearance.

4. Pan angle:

Before laying bricks, the angle should be adjusted first, and the angle should not exceed five layers each time. If there is deviation, it should be repaired in time. Carefully compare the brick layers and elevations of the number of pars

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