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What are the bricklaying methods?

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What are the bricklaying methods?

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I. Bricklaying methods include "three one" bricklaying method, "two three eighty one" bricklaying method, squeezing method, scraping method and full mouth ash method. Among them, the "Three One" bricklaying method and squeeze method are the most commonly used. Red brick corner

2. Bricklaying should be carried out with a shovel of ash, a brick, and a squeezing method. When laying bricks, the bricks should be laid flat, the inside of the hand should be high, and the wall surface should be stretched; Brickwork must follow the line, "upper line, lower heel edge, right and left adjacent." The thickness of the horizontal gray seam and the width of the vertical gray seam are generally 10mm, but it should not be less than 5mm and should not be more than 12mm. In order to ensure that the vertical seams on the clear water wall are vertical and do not travel, when the step is completed, it is advisable to play two vertical vertical lines at the space between the slab bricks at a flat interval of about 2 mm to control the siding in sections Seam. During the process, self-inspection should be carried out carefully. If there are deviations, they should be corrected at any time. It is strictly forbidden to hit the wall afterwards, and the clear water wall is not allowed to have a three-pointer.

3. The masonry mortar should be used with stirring. The cement mortar must be used up within 3 hours, the cement mixed mortar must be used up within 4 hours, and the overnight mortar must not be used. One lonlm, the depth is the same, cleaned cleanly, the mixed water wall should be scraped away with the tongue.

How to build a red brick wall

Then apply varnish, so that the red brick color and the white brick seams are very artistic and beautiful ... This answer is recommended by the classification of healthy life Lu Hongshuang Recommended Comment Quick ...

Brickwork way illustration

Brick wall construction method diagram (a) Brick wall assembly form 1. One-by-one, one-by-one, one-by-one bricking method is that all the bricks in a skin and all the bricks in a skin are mutually

Briefly describe the masonry methods and characteristics of brick walls.

Masonry method of brick wall: Masonry generally adopts one-shun one-single (man-ding, full-strip), three-shun one-single or plum blossoms. Brick columns shall not be covered by the core-laying method, which is built around four weeks later.


(1) One-Shun-One-Stone Masonry

顺 All the smooth bricks in one skin and all the slabs in one skin are spaced from each other, and the vertical seams between the upper and lower skins are staggered by 1/4 of the brick length.

(2) Sanshunyiding method

顺 All three bricks in the three skins are spaced from all the bricks in the one skin. The vertical seam between the upper and lower skins and the small bricks are staggered by 1/4 brick length, and the vertical seam between the upper and lower skins is offset by 1/2 brick length.

(3) Plum blossoms

丁 The middle slabs are separated from the smooth slabs in each skin, the upper slabs are sitting in the lower slabs, and the vertical seams between the upper and lower skins are staggered by 1/4 of the brick length.

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