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Liaoyang Hesen Building Material Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

General Manager: Li He

Phone: +86-15541118886

Q Q: 2846862926


Address: Wangjia Town, Taizihe District, Liaoyang City, Liaoning Province


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Liaoyang Hesen Building Material Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established on July 19, 2017.

Main projects: buy, process, export, and sell ancient, old and old bricks of various models and colors, and some of them are processed into products for sale.

Main products: Raw materials (used bricks) can be processed into corners, blocks, strips, pieces and other decorative building materials according to customer needs.

Product features: The raw materials (old bricks) are made by firing clay using traditional ancient methods. The processed decorative material absorbs moisture and odors, is environmentally friendly, and is not renewable. Known in the industry as: "Green heritage left by ancestors, breathable decorative materials."

Scope of application: The product is suitable for retro decoration of interior and exterior walls of villas, leisure, catering, entertainment, family and other places, and can meet the comprehensive needs of "green environmental protection and quality."

Adhering to the principle of "Credit First", the company is committed to perfectly connecting what you need with what I can do.

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